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Re: [CQ-Contest] zero pointers - was: Rick's Cafe...NQ4I's "Play itagain

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] zero pointers - was: Rick's Cafe...NQ4I's "Play itagain"
From: "Ted Bryant" <w4nz@comcast.net>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 17:18:32 -0500
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And why is this familiar...because the problem still exists. In this part of 
the cycle and the lack
of propagation, it is even more evident.  As I recall, NQ4I wasn't the only 
station affected by
this.  I believe last year K5NA also said that they had a significant number of 

The CQWW Contest Committee needs to either disallow same-country QSO's or 
reward points for them.
There have been several viable solutions proposed. Why is this so difficult?

Ted W4NZ

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does any of this sound, umm, familiar?

>From the bar at Rick's Cafe...

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