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[CQ-Contest] Zero Pointers - Need YouTube Public ServiceAnnouncement

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Zero Pointers - Need YouTube Public ServiceAnnouncement
From: "Tim Goeppinger" <timgep@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 20:30:34 +0000
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There probably isn't time to do this for this year, but something to think 
about for
next year.

Maybe some Big Gun could make a Public Service Announcement video that could
be linked to from the main page on contesting.com ?  (youTube would take the 
on bandwidth, not contesting.com)   Maybe NewsLine  could play the audio 
It would appear late October and the first 3 weeks in November.
The text could go something like this:

(Public Service announcement to US Amateurs)

Hello, my name is John Doe (Callsign), winner of 15 CQ WW Contests since 
1985, and
I would like to bring you this Public Service Announcement to US hams.

Duning the 48 hours of CQ World Wide, we hope to work thousands of DX and 
stations as fast as possible.  Did you know that US stations count zero 
points for us?
I know many of you US hams mean well by trying to give us points, but sorry, 
its not going
to happen in this contest!

For those of you in the contest who need the zero pointers for Country and 
Zone credit,
we ask that you please call us during a time when we are not running DX 
contacts, and
at a time when we are very slow.  We also would appreciate if you could 
spread out your
zero pointers amongst several big guns.

We hope this will help us all have more fun in the upcoming CQ Worldwide 

Thanks and 73!  Go get that DX!

Add a Yahoo! contact to Windows Live Messenger for a chance to win a free 

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