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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] It Is What It Is
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Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2006 00:08:51 +0000 (GMT)
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> CQWW has evolved in a manner that first of all ensures it's 
> survival by not giving one group an overwhelming advantage over any other, 
> but 
> it also affords opportunities for winning scores if you choose a 
> strategic location. No, it is not perfect, and I know of no way that it ever 
> will be. 
> Simply, it is what it is.
> Paul, K5AF

Did you read what you wrote?  :-)

Like, uhm contradicting yourself and proving the point that we are not looking 
for ideal, fairest contest in CQ WW but for scoring system that would eliminate 
gross lopsided scoring. Have you looked what people get for the same amount of 
QSOs and multipliers from US, NA, NAf, N SA ?
Notion that this will turn into the (US) QSO party is just as ridiculous. Did 
WPX turned into one? It would just give us sane scoring system that reduces 
gross inequalities and allows stations on low bands to work somebody for points 
instead of spending 1 hour to work 5 stations and half of them ZEROES 

>Others argued<

"You would work "stateside QSO party"
Like we are so stoooopid to work 1 pointer US stations instead of "juicy" 3 
pointers DX? Gimme a break.

Another question, how many make more QSOs on the second day in CQ WW than on 
first? My experience is that I make about half. Wouldn't you rather still work 
some "QSO Partiers" instead, for "lousy" one point, rather than deflecting 
them?  Look to WPX, it became more fun and participation and popularity jumped.
I am some times dazzled by some of the "ham radio logic", maybe I have been for 
too long away from it to understand it?

Can some understand that CQ WW DX evolved from "some contest" to work DX, into 
major unofficial world championship (with skewed scoring system that 
discriminates against countries with large ham population). This is why it 
DESERVES to be improved by adjusting the scoring to 1-2-3 pointers.) Think why? 
 (Help:  because most can work most everybody and get even lopsided points for 
it.)  The 9, 33 etc. Zoners will still have advantage due to propagation and 
30% more points, but not 60% like now.

Europeans (and everybody else) also deserve 2 points for own continent QSOs. 
Oh, and if CQ WW CC doesn't read the CQ-Contest reflector, than what are we 
doing talking about all this? Better go watch the real time scoring board.
Yes, we are bringing this up, because most serious contesters see the lopsided 
scoring system that does not reflect the prestige and purpose of this world's 
best contest with archaic scoring system. 

73 Yuri, K3BU
Oh, and congratulations to IG9C for winning "All Time Most Spotted Single Band 
Station K1TTT Trophy".
Seems Lampedusa has something strange going on for it esp. on 160. 
I bet he was SO un-ass-isted :-)
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