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[CQ-Contest] November Sweepstakes Exchange

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] November Sweepstakes Exchange
From: "Mike Fatchett" <mike@mallardcove.com>
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2007 09:13:03 -0700
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Here is the REQUIRED exchange from the ARRL:


*  Exchange: The required exchange consists of: 

1.      4.1. A consecutive serial number;
2.      4.2. Precedence; 

1.      4.2.1. "Q" for Single Op QRP (5 Watts output or less);
2.      4.2.2. "A" for Single Op Low Power (up to 150 W output);
3.      4.2.3. "B" for Single Op High Power (greater than 150 W output);
4.      4.2.4. "U" for Single Op Unlimited;
5.      4.2.5. "M" for Multi-Op;
6.      4.2.6. "S" for School Club;


3.  4.3 Your Callsign;


4.      4.4. Check (the last two digits of the year you were first
5.      4.5. ARRL/RAC Section
(Example: NU1AW would respond to W1AW's call by sending: W1AW 123 B NU1AW 71
CT, which indicates QSO number 123, B for Single Op High Power, NU1AW, first
licensed in 1971, and in the Connecticut section.)


Many stations fail to send this required element.

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