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From: "J. Allen" <vy1ja@northwestel.net>
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Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2007 19:20:10 -0000
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Fellow contesters,

Regarding CW timing errors in TR4W:

I downloaded the latest Beta 3.10 version of TR4W and used it for the entire 
ARRL 160 Meter CW contest, and it worked in a single radio environment 
without flaw CQ and S&P.

TR4W was working with an FT-990, logging, generating CW, and showing the 
needed multiplier pop-up window, while I deliberately ran other programs in 
windows such as Spectran's waterfall to watch  tuning, and Internet explorer 
with windows displaying the DX cluster for 160 and the Send Your Own pages. 
I even opened Outlook Express and checked my email for kickers.

All this was done on an older standard Dell Optiplex GX-270 (1.8 MHz with 3 
Gig of RAM), XP-Pro OS, a LAVA 2SP-PCI card, Hyper-Threading turned on, and 
latest BIOS, XP auto updates, and drivers for everything.  It was done with 
software running in the background for switching the port control for 
switching the USB monitor, keyboard and mouse between the 270 and a GX-110 
which was used in off air trials of TR4W, but kept off-air because of timing 

Because of the TR4W, GX-270 success, I suggest that the difference in 
presence or absence of timing errors may be in computer power, software 
updates, drivers or setup.  If anyone would like to see the .ini and .cfg 
files used, please direct me privately to a website where it can be uploaded 
for everyone interested to access.

I cannot say how pleased I was with TR4W... Thanks to Dimitriy, UA4WLI for 
his work based on TR by Tree, N6TR.

vy1ja (at) northwestel (dot) net

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