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[CQ-Contest] Computers and Logging Programs

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Computers and Logging Programs
From: Tom Taormina <tom@k5rc.cc>
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2007 09:47:19 -0800
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After enduring the horrors of parallel port emulation in newer 
computers over the last couple of years, I am finally abandoning 
WriteLog for WinTest. The coup de gras was trying to get the DX 
doubler and parallel-port keying working with WriteLog on a new 
computer on the second station with Vista OS just before CQ WW CW. 
Even the expansion board I installed in the computer would not 
communicate under Vista. Using a MicroHam MK2R with Writelog and XP 
on the main station computer, there were still continual issues with 
the network crashing and erratic keying when the network was trying 
to connect to the Vista computer with it's new "security" features. I 
hope these problems are eliminated by WinTest and its serial-bus and 
TCP/IP network-friendly software.

Tom Taormina, K5RC
Virginia City Nevada USA
Web Site: http://k5rc.cc/
FOC 1760  
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