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[CQ-Contest] solar cycle 24

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] solar cycle 24
From: Art RX9TX <rx9tx@qrz.ru>
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Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2007 20:32:38 +0500
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 Hello ,

Thanks  Steve,  but  I  think I can predict those "new cycle" spots to
appear  in  the  nearest  future  :)  If you look at the graph, SFI is
growing  fast,  sunspots number peaks getting wider and higher, it all
looks very promising :)

>> Looks  like solar cycle 24 has finally started as SFI has been growing
>> since October 24, see
>> http://www.dxlc.com/solar/

> While  I  wish  it was true that this was the beginning of cycle 24,
> I'm afraid it is not. The latest sunspot group (978), as well as the
> two  other  sunspot groups that briefly appeared this week, are "old
> sunspot  cycle"  sunspots.  You  can  tell this because of their low
> solar  latitude.  "New  sunspot cycle" sunspots will appear at solar
> latitudes greater than 20 North and 20 South.

> See
> http://www.windows.ucar.edu/tour/link=/sun/activity/butterfly.html
> for more information.
> Nevertheless,  these  old  sunspot cycle sunspots should be good for
> the 10 meter contest this weekend.


"Truth comes out of error more readily than out of confusion."    [Francis 

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