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Re: [CQ-Contest] Battle of the Cheaters

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Battle of the Cheaters
From: "Felipe J Hernandez" <fhdez@vox-tel.com>
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2007 15:32:56 -0400
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In order to be realistic and to bring to the light the original post.. It was 
refering to SO HP or as CQwW mentions "hi profile logs" Guys, I think is 
working, look at the top 5 they all are proven operators and that one that 
tried to cheat to the top was clearly discovered and DQ'd.. Its working.. 
Congrats to CQ log checking commitee.

Lets do what other sports do... If they are found cheating lets ban them for at 
least 5 yrs and cancel all their country records.

So this means that clearly all top socring logs are being carefully 
scrutinized, turning packet off is ridiculous..
so at least the multiplier cheating is taken care of.

And to quote Jim K1TN,

 Operate without a proper license?... if they are not licensed I dont think 
they are good operators at all

Arrange schedules before the contest?...  NO one has even approached me to do 
this.. dont think is a problem

Go to the SSB band and move multipliers to CW?.. whos got time for this?

Have a second operator to fill in time in the chair?... It may happen..crooks 
often come in pairs.. no serious thread..

Run illegal power?.. this is a big one.. Being LP the class with most entries 
and QRP with hard working guys. operators claiming LP and QRP is a big issue 
because its a clear advantage that you cannot track. Also there are many HP 
operations taking it to the next level as well.
Currently we have been working with the contest commitee on denouncing a local 
operator that clearly is not runing the power advertised and blatantly taking 
records from "real operations".. they are listening and we are trying to figure 
out the way to make it public. lets concentrate on figuring this one out on hi 

Use packet/telnet spots?... Big one but with a current working solution 

Pad the log with made-up call signs?.. in order for this to work it has to be a 
mayor concerted effort with others if they want it to work...... very traceable 
and very easy to find due to area historicals...

This is not an exclusive commitee responsability,  I think the more we talk 
about it in the reflector the better for everyone, since cheaters will know 
that operators around the world are willing to come forward, they know that 
there is not going to be any recognition but shame...  I think its working... 
So I sincerely congratulate TJ for having the pair of "jones" needed to bring 
it into the open.


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  At the start of this thread I too wondered who was the object of the  
  discussion. I just now went to the 3830 archives and figured it out. Then I  
  out the CQ magazine and noted the DQ notice at the very bottom of the  
  I also looked at his log, which is available at     http://cqww.com/cwlogs/   

  Jim, what was the nature of the  cheating? From the log I would guess it was 
  use of packet. Is that correct, or  is there something else? (In the online 
  log the category is listed as  "Assisted", which may have been done by the 

  I would make a  suggestion to the CQWW Committee: 

  Post submitted logs online after the  submission deadline, but in plenty of 
  time for examination by others who might  then submit a complaint about 
  suspicious logs.  That way anyone who  believes they have been a victim of 
  could examine the logs, and  register a complaint with the CQWW committee in 
  time for official investigation  prior to the release of the final results. 
  the case of CQWW CW, post the logs  somewhere around February 1.

  When D4B got pissed off about cheating, logs were not available for  
  inspection. Having them now available after the results are out is a big step 
  forward, and having them available before the judging will be an even bigger  
help in 
  the fight against cheating (at least cheating of the packet usage  kind).
  73  -  Jim  K8MR

  In a  message dated 12/9/2007 6:18:19 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, 
  n6tj@sbcglobal.net  writes:
  I've been having "private inquiries" from quite a few about this, and  with 
  some thoughtful suggestions and ideas and questions.

  I wasn't  going to say much more about it, in a public domain, until I read 
  this  claptrap that Hans K0HB posted.

  Incredibly uninformed, and for K0HB and  K6LA and others who ask:  there are 
  such things as libel, and slander,  and defamation,  and I choose not to 
  state here what I, and quite a few  others know to be the truth.  It's 
  amazing to me that so many are not  aware that last year's CQ WW CW SO/AB No. 
  1 claimed score was ultimately  DQed, and with a minimal amount if interest 
  and reading of what is available  to 100% of the world to read, all could 

  Of course, for those  who elect not to play in the ultimate arenas of 
  competition, the interests  are not the same, and it's certainly 
  understandable that they will neither  know, or care.  But it doesn't mean 
  that the problem isn't very  real.  I suppose if you don't invest thousands 
  of $$, many hours of  time for station work and travel, and choose to compete 
  for World top  honors, you couldn't care less if your effort went down the 
  drain because  the winner didn't play by the rules.

  It's like the old QUESTION:   What's the difference between ignorance and 
  apathy?  ANSWER:  I  don't know and I don't care.

  I just received a phone call from Finland,  from one of the world's top 
  operators, expressing his concern, and of those  of his fellow countrymen (am 
  I going to be on K6LA and K0HB's ridiculous  list, now, because I choose not 
  to say who called?) conveying their equal  concern of the path that 
  contesting is on, due to the ills perpetrated by  these outright cheaters.

  A call I will mention is that of Al,  4L5A  / D4B who telephoned me the other 
  morning, and even though this cheating was  paramount in his leaving 
  contesting, Al still very much cares, knows it is  rampant, and fears for the 
  future of contesting.  Does anyone care that  D4B left contesting, while on 
  the very pinnacle of performance, because of  this?   I do.

  We can all continue to shine it on, or do  something about it.  What can be 

  1.  Permanent or 5  years no participation once DQed

  2.  Set-up of wideband recording  receivers around the world.

  3.  Submittal of tape recordings by  those wishing to compete for world 

  4. On-site inspectors,  very much like WRTC.

  5. Open up log checking and Committee decisions  beyond the hands of one or 

  6. Turn off packet (THIS will never  happen; packet is too popular and many 
  probably wouldn't know how to operate  without)

  Just some senile ramblings from someone who's been there and  got a 

  Jim Neiger   N6TJ   9Y4AA   ZD8Z

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