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[CQ-Contest] Calling The Kettle Black - A Call to Action

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Calling The Kettle Black - A Call to Action
From: Eric Rosenberg - W3DQ <w3dq@arrl.net>
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007 23:39:46 -0500
List-post: <mailto:cq-contest@contesting.com>

The recent posts by K1ZM, K3NA, K8MR and PY5EG highlight what has been 
missing from this discussion...a call to action.

It appears that the first step in any attempt to discredit the culture 
of cheating in amateur radio contesting and hopefully identify and 
control those who intentionally violate the rules, would be for contest 
sponsors to make all submitted logs available for public scrutiny 
shortly after the submission deadline.  Those wanting to investigate can 
do so as they please and reach the conclusions as they may.

To that end, a proposed call to action.

    Contest clubs worldwide write to the two largest contest sponsors,
    the ARRL and CQ Magazine, along with each and every member of the
    ARRL's Contest Advisory Committee and the CQWW Committee requesting
    that all logs submitted for their respective contests be made
    publicly available within a specified period of time (30 days?)
    after the log submission deadline.

Some additional thoughts/suggestions:

It is essential that this letter writing campaign be a worldwide 
effort.  As those intentionally violating the rules come from every 
corner of the globe, support for efforts to stop them must, too, come 
from all corners. 
The letters and email must be clear, concise and to the point.  Don't 
belabor the point, and don't forget the requested call to action.

Encourage any and all concerned contesters, big guns or little pistols, 
members of your or any other contesting club --or not -- to join this 
letter writing campaign.  While email is easy, physical letters have a 
unique and very significant impact on the recipient.

My fervent hope is that that this action by the worldwide amateur radio 
contesting community will finally stop the blind, wild and otherwise 
unsubstantiated accusations, and the vitriolic, personal attacks that, 
sadly, appear on this email reflector and in similar fora each each and 
every year.


Eric Rosenberg, W3DQ
Washington, DC

The following names and addresses come from the websites cited. If they 
are incorrect, please inform the owner of the respective websites.
from http://www.arrl.org/contests/cac.html

The ARRL Contest Advisory Committee, as of December 11th 2007

Atlantic Division :  Mike Gilmer, N2MG
4600 State Rt 26, Vernon, NY 13476-3706

Central Division: Greg W. Clark, K9IG
1432 B Dakota Ridge Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46217

Dakota Division: Al Dewey, K0AD
14800 38th Pl, N, Plymouth, MN 55446 3341

Delta Division:  Ted Bryant, W4NZ
9217 Carbar Circle, Chattanooga, TN 37421-5306

Great Lakes Division: Dave Pruett, K8CC
2727 Harris Road, Ypsilanti, MI 48198

Hudson Division: Dr George Wilner, K2ONP
336 Bulson Road, Troy, NY 12180

Midwest Division: Jim Cochran, K0RH
3600 W 77 N, Valley Center, KS 67147-9045

New England Division: Dick Green, WC1M
190 Lyme Road, Hanover, NH 03755-6602

Northwestern Division:  H. Ward Silver, N0AX, Chairman
P.O. Box 927, Vashon, WA 98070

Pacific Division: Mike Gibson, KH6ND
Box 31193, Honolulu, HI 96820

Roanoke Division: Don Daso, K4ZA
189 Timber Creek Drive, Stanley, NC 28164

Rocky Mountain Division: Robert Neece, K0KR
1505 Sunset Boulevard, Boulder, CO 80304-4231

Southeastern Division: Charles Wooten, NF4A
POB 4183, Panama City, FL 32401

Southwestern Division: Bruce Horn, WA7BNM
4225 Farmdale Avenue, Studio City, CA 91604

West Gulf Division: Joe Staples, W5ASP
10031 Meadow Lake, Houston, TX 77042

RAC: David Shipman, VE7CFD
1013 Sinclair Street, West Vancouver, BC V7V 3W1 CANADA

Board Liaison: Bruce Frahm, K0BJ
1553 County Road T, Colby, KS 67701

Staff Liaison: Sean Kutzko, KX9X
Contest Branch Manager
225 Main St., Newington, CT 06111
Email: kx9x@arrl.org

Administrative Liaison: Sharon Taratula
225 Main Street, Newington CT 06111

(from http://www.cq-amateur-radio.com/contact.html )

CQ Communications, Inc.
25 Newbridge Rd., Hicksville, New York 11801 USA

Dick Ross, K2MGA, Publisher (Please mark title line "Attn K2MGA"):  

Richard S. Moseson, W2VU, Editor: w2vu@cq-amateur-radio.com
John Dorr, K1AR, Contributing Editor, Contesting:  k1ar@cq-amateur-radio.com

Bob Cox, K3EST,  World Wide DX Contest Director :  
John Lindholm, W1XX VHF Contest Director:  w1xx@cq-amateur-radio.com
Steve Merchant, K6AW, WPX Contest Director:  k6aw@cq-amateur-radio.com
Glenn Vinson, W6OTC, RTTY Contest Director:  w6otc@cq-amateur-radio.com
David Thompson, K4JRB, 160 Meter Contest Director:  

(from http://www.cqww.com/members.html )

CQWW Committee Members:
John Dorr, K1AR: k1ar@contesting.com
Doug Grant, K1DG: k1dg@contesting.com
Gene Walsh, N2AA: eugenewalsh@msn.com
John Golomb, N2NC: n2nc@optonline.net
Doug Zwiebel, KR2Q: dougzzz@gmail.com
Ed Moody, N3ED: emoody@EPIX.NET
Fred Laun, K3ZO: aalaun@IBM.NET
Dave Pascoe, KM3T: km3t@cqww.com
Gene Zimmerman, W3ZZ: ezimmerm@EROLS.COM
Trey Garlough, N5KO: trey@KKN.NET
Bob Naumann, W5OV: w5ov@w5ov.com
Richard Norton, N6AA: n6aa@arrl.net   
Glenn Rattmann, K6NA: rattmann@CTS.COM
Larry Tyree, N6TR/7: n6tr@contesting.com
Larry Weaver, N6TW: n6tw@n6tw.org
Steve Bolia, N8BJQ: sbolia@woh.rr.com
Patrick Barkey, N9RV: pbarkey@GW.BSU.EDU
John Brosnahan, W0UN: broz@csn.com

DX Advisors:
Jose Carlos Cardoso Nunes, CT1BOH: ct1boh@gmail.com    
Bernhard Buettner, DL6RAI: ben@dl6rai.muc.de
Sergio Manrique Almeida, EA3DU:    ea3du@cqww.com
Jacques Saget, F6BEE: f6bee@free.fr
Roger Western, G3SXW: g3sxw@btinternet.com
Tony Waltham, G4UAV/HS0: tonyw@inet.co.th
Paolo Cortese, I2UIY: i2uiy@contesting.com
Tack Kumagai, JE1CKA: je1cka@cqww.com
Martti Laine, OH2BH: martti.laine@nmp.nokia.com
Jorma Saloranta, OH2KI: jorma@salor.pp.fi
Ville Hiilesmaa, OH2MM: oh2mm@nettilinja.fi
Atilano de Oms Sobrinho, PY5EG: py5eg@inepar.com.br
Tine Brajnik, S50A: Tine.Brajnik@guest.arnes.si
Willy Umanets, UA9BA: uradio@chel.surnet.ru
John Sluymer, VE3EJ: jsluymer@mountaincable.net
Gary Caldwell, VA7RR: va7rr@telus.net

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