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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Public Logs
From: Dale Putnam <daleputnam@hotmail.com>
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 05:39:24 -0700
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Was hoping to stay clear of this... number of reasons..
First and obvious to most, not a huge player. I just like to be competitive. 
And that turns out to be very much with myself. There isn't a huge number of 
contest ops close. 
Second:This is a topic that is pretty much out of the focus of "getting a 
better score next time" for me.. or many of the "also in the test, had a lot of 
fun, tho."
Third: (Saved the best for last) Has nothing but a negative effect on my desire 
to participate. And, all we as contestors have to do to kill it all... is keep 
engineering it to death, worrying about how to fix it so something that ain't 
broke continues to fixed. Seemingly it doesn't make any logical effect that 
this doesn't appear to add to any improvement. However... it will, has and will 
continue to push away the little guy... the fellow that might.. but now has to 
consider that he may be part of a larger picture of unethical practices... a 
part of someone's effort to WIN... so.. why take a few minutes to go see what 
is going on... why risk missing some real fun somewhere else... like talking to 
someone real... on the fav chat channel.... on the 'net. Or... even less 
risky... and at some point more fun that worrying about all that... cleaning up 
behind the horses in the pasture. 
  Guess, I will pretty much continue to play... but it is becoming more 
painfully centered on....
--... ...--Dale - WC7S in Wy
Don't get caught with egg on your face. Play Chicktionary!
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