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>Subject: [CQ-Contest] 10 Questions
>1. I'm confused about sunspots and packet spots.  What is the difference?

You better find out before you put a packet of sun in your iced tea.

>2. Which ones have an 11-year cycle?

Sun spots work in 28 day cycles, I'm told.  On the other hand, packet spots 
never die; they are always out there someplace.  That is, unless it is for a 
new country and then its life time is half the time necessary for you to read 
the spot.

>3. Why is it cheating if you use packet spots, but not if you use sunspots?

It's only cheating if you don't tell someone you are using packet spots.  It is 
understood (by someone) that everyone uses sunspots so there is no need to tell 
anyone you are using them...unless you don't and then that is cheating.

>4. Do packet spots represent a slightly cooler area on the surface of 
>the ionosphere?

Not necessarily.  Some times packet spots are very hot, particularly if they 
are for a double mult.  It is all in the eye of the beholder.

>5. Is it possible to access sunspots via Telnet as well as radio?

Yes, but don't look directly at them or you may damage your eyes.

>6. If I notice a packet spot with the opposite polarity to all the spots 
>during the previous 11 years, what is the significance?

You may have to wait only 28 days for it to come around again.

>7. Can K1TTT determine the origin of sunspots?

Yes, unless it is cloudy out.

>8. For that matter, do sunspots originate from any particular IP address?  

Yes, they come from the center of the Galaxy.  That is why we are always 
Scouting for them like a Globe King.
>9. Did AK1A also invent sunspots? 

No, that was "IKEA."

>10. What do I do if I have packet spots, sunspots, a dog named Spot, and 
>also a pet leopard?
Pray that there are a lot of sunspots because they may never change their spots.


Sri, Rich, I cudn't resist.
Dennis, K2SX
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