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[CQ-Contest] What I want for Christmas

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] What I want for Christmas
From: "Jim Neiger" <n6tj@sbcglobal.net>
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Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 17:46:55 -0800
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Holiday Greetings.

Since I "lobbed the hand grenade" over the wall, to quote my Uncle, N6AA, 
its been truly interesting and remarkable to read the many comments, ideas, 
criticisms, and the personal 'thank you's' from the 99% who thought it a 
good idea, more or less.  For those who commented about the other 1%,  not 
to worry, once a jerk, always a jerk.  A real plus  has been the so many 
comments, from world-wide who never regularly post here.

Santa, I'd like to herein make my Christmas Wish List:

(1) Some positive action come from all of this.  I believe the process has 
started.  What can we do to keep it going?

(2) The Committee of (arguably) the No. 1 Contest in the World:  CQ WW DX, 
please keep the rest of us in mind as they go through the laborious job of 
adjudicating the logs.  It  is OK to keep us all informed.  The Contest 
really belongs to all of its participants - not just those "in charge".

(3) Recognize packet is here to stay, with all of its pluses and minuses.  I 
don't want packet switched-off for the contests.  I want its users to 'play 
fair', use it as a tool, not an end-to-all ends.  I want those making spots, 
to 100% be sure they're spotting  the right call.

(4) Santa, please install a painful penalty for being DQed.  A 
to-be-determined period in which the culprit cannot participate.  Put this 
penalty into effect immediately, retro-active to this 2007 CQ WW. .  Give 
each transgresser a 30 day grace period in which to now change the category 
of the pap they've already submitted, with no penalty.  I think this penalty 
will go a long way to discourage cheating.

(5) Please consider the notion of everyone wishing to be judged as a Serious 
competitor, at least audio-tape the contest, and have it available, should 
the judges request it be mailed in.  Cost of a recorder:  less than $100. 

(6)  Keep all logs in the Public Domain.  A lot of good has already come 
from this for CQ WW.

(7) Focus some attention, please Santa, on the CQ WPX contest.  A great 
contest, when the play is fair. ( I seem to remember that year when it 

(8) Santa, please speak with those running more than the Legal Limit of 
power.  Tell them they really can excel without dimming the neighborhood 
lights.  And tell them that Power Envy is not good; and that you are no less 
a man by having  smaller than the other guy.

(9) Please apply some peer pressure to the idiots who cheat.  Looking the 
other way because (1) the bum is a friend of yours, or (2) you desparately 
want your fellow countryman to win, is just not the way to go through life. 
And for those who actively help these bums cheat, like operating while he 
sleeps, or hosting a bunch of cheats (while looking the other way), what can 
you possibly be thinking?

I realize, Santa, that I have not been a very good boy this year.  But I 
promise to do better next year, and putting a few of the above under my 
Christmas tree will certainly help.

73 and Seasons Greetings, to All

Jim Neiger   N6TJ

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