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[CQ-Contest] Recording?

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Recording?
From: KI9A@aol.com
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2007 08:51:43 EST
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If you require either the top 10, top 5, or, heck, everyone to record a  
contest, you won't eliminate any cheating..you might, however, invent more  
cheating by listening to the recording, and double checking exchanges, then  
the corrections prior to sending the log in. What then?
This thread is starting to get boring.  There is little you can do to  stop 
these lowlife cheaters. Ban them? Sure. But, they can still get on the next  
contest, have fun for 48 hours, make QSO's like crazy, but they can't turn in a 
log. The fun part is the operating. They can still do that. 
Obviously, there is no real viable way to stop these clowns. You can try,  
and may succeed once, but a true cheat can find ways around just about 
 Public humiliation? Nah. Banning, nah.  Can't fine them, can't jail them,  
can't stone them in the public square.  Outside of that, a true cheat  doesn't 
care. Problem is, cheating is becoming, or maybe has been, an accepted  part 
of life. Sad, but true. there are tremendous cheats in business ( ENRON,  ect 
), cheats in sports ( Barry Bonds, ect), and the general public STILL  pays 
money to watch cheaters playing baseball. 
Go figure.
I'm getting really bored with this. I'll be "up 5" and listening for  
something new. Tired of tuning thru dupes...
73-Chuck KI9A

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