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Re: [CQ-Contest] Contest Recording

To: Albert Crespo <f5vhj@orange.fr>
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Contest Recording
From: Barry <w2up3@verizon.net>
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2007 19:15:37 +0000
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Another reason to require logs be submitted immediately after the 
contest is over.  Exceptions can be made for Dxpeditions, where Internet 
access is not available at the operating site.
Barry W2UP

Albert Crespo wrote:
> This year CN2R ( W7EJ) posted the recordings  of his  many contest operations.
> http://cn2r.net/cn2r/index.htm .
> It was interesting to hear my own QSOs with Jim and how sometimes they were 
> difficult to copy.
> Since Jim, N6TJ, brought up the idea that top contenders should record their 
> contest operations, I revisited the CN2R  website and listened to some of the 
> QSOs. 
> I listened to some QSOs on 25/10/03 with AC9X, WA6WPG,  and K7TR. I invite 
> others to do so. The QSOs are not crystal clear and are prime examples of 
> what a good operator can hear under contest conditions. You may have to play 
> some of them back to really say 100% that you can hear the entire call.
> This is the problem with recordings.
> Go ahead and pick other calls-it just reflects on how well Jim, (CN2R, W7EJ) 
> is just an outstanding operator.
> I record my contests, and I have the same situation where I listen after the 
> contest and have difficulty hearing  a QSO that I logged during the contest.
> If you want to produce a recording of a "bogus" QSO and get it recorded,  
> have a QRP rig next to you and have it transmit into a dummy load. Your 
> antenna will probably pick up a very weak signal , say TT8XYZ, and your 
> recording will confirm a solid QSO.  Do this just 10 times in a contest and 
> you can get 20 mults,which can make a difference in the top ten listings. .
> Thus the cheater can create a recording that is probably very copy able.
> 10 uniques in a log of over 5000 QSO  are not going to be the basis of  
> anybody getting disqualified,
> If somebody wants to cheat, it does not take a rocket scientist to get around 
> the rules.
> Recording a contest can be used to make it actually easier to cheat.
>  It will not diminish cheating.
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