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[CQ-Contest] A simplistic view of competition

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] A simplistic view of competition
From: N7DF <n7df@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 08:24:27 -0800 (PST)
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In any type of contest the winners are those who have the best ability and make 
use of the best technology.  This applies to everything from car racing to 
marathon runs. 
  If you want to win in a national NASCAR race you must have the best driver, 
the best pit crew and the best car.
   Even if you want to win in the local Podunk Junction demolition derby, the 
same thing is true.
   If you want to win a foot race you have to be in the best shape and have the 
best shoes you can get.  
  The same applies to sailing, bicycling, skiing or any other endeavor. 
   There is no reason why the same thing should not apply to radiosport.  
  The unique aspect of radiosport is that everyone can be in the contest at the 
same time. In fact it requires that the maximum numbers of ?casual? operators 
are involved to make it work.
  This is obviously impossible in most other sports simply because the playing 
field is so limited.  Fortunately ours is big enough to accommodate everyone 
who wants to play.
  If you are not willing to spend the time, money and effort to have the best 
equipment and training you can?t expect to compete on a national or worldwide 
  Furthermore, if you do not make the maximum use of the equipment and 
technology available then you can?t expect to compete with others who do.  
  Most of us simply don?t have the resources to put together a superstation 
just as most of us don?t have the resources to build an ?Indy car? but we can 
dig an old 65 Buick out of the junk yard and fix it up for the local demolotion 
derby challenge; and maybe win!.
  Just because the majority of people who enter any sports competition do not 
have the ability to win first prize is no reason to handicap those who are 
willing to put out the effort to have the best training and equipment to 
compete at the top level.  
  Plenty of people enter competitions knowing that they will never be more than 
?also-rans? but they enjoy the participation, nevertheless. Just breaking a 
pileup can be a triumph.
  There are always regional competitions where you can compete on a more local 
level and have a chance to win prizes.  This is true in radiosport as much as 
anywhere.  One change that we could make is to expand the award of second and 
third regional prizes so stations with limited resources still have a chance 
for recognition when there are superstations in their regional that they can?t 
compete against.
  If we want to level the playing field in radiosport the simplest way is to go 
back to the least number of classes and do away with the ?assisted? category 
entirely and not to even consider if SOxR is even a factor.  Instead allow 
everyone to use the maximum technology available to them and the best equipment 
and antenna system they can assemble.
  True sportsmen play fair and no amount of regulation will completely 
eliminate the cheaters.  The best thing to do is to concentrate on doing the 
best you personally can and leave it up to the radiosport contest organizers to 
do what they feel is in the best interest of their respective contest. 
   If you spend all your time worrying about whether someone else is doing 
something you think is wrong, you will miss out on the FUN of radiosport.  And 
that?s what it?s all about!

73 From Number 7 Desert Fox

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