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[CQ-Contest] reg "assisted" debate and more

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] reg "assisted" debate and more
From: Sergey VK2IMM <sergeysh@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 21:08:32 -0800 (PST)
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As it seemed to evolve into another topic where
everyone have to have an opinion here is my comment.

We seem to contest in the way we find it to be most
fun. Some prefer using DX cluster spots while others
don't. I don't see it is dependent on age as some
comments implied but rather is on a personal
preference. I don't use spotting during contests as I
find it is no fun to me. I send out no spots either.
The age factor is not there, my exchange in AADXC
still looks on the low side. Having said that my first
contest as a Single Op was 20 years ago.

I find it fun to have to know the propagation, switch
antennas to correct directions, find some DX before
they appear in a cluster  - this is what makes it
interesting and adds DXing factor. Take this part away
and I am likely to be left with  little desire to do
it again.

How useful a DX cluster can be during contests?

In an example of operating from VK, there are not too
many locally originated DX spots so whatever is in a
cluster can be only half useful. 

I don't see a big advantage in using a DX cluster
while operating low power from W6 either (at least
with my simple antennas) as the most problem is to be
heard and not to find a multiplier. 

Perhaps in EU it can be seen differently as there are
many more mults coming from different directions which
can be an easy miss with a reasonably directional
antenna(?). Many local stations too.

Also "Point and shoot" with a single rotatable yagi
can work very well with a cluster assistance i.e. no
need to get a second directional or omnidirectional
antenna to find those mults from a 360 deg azimuth,
perhaps this is what many see as an advantage.

Having said that I don't mind if both assisted and non
assisted entries and displayed together in the same
table as long as they are marked appropriately, not
for the purpose to rate and to award them separately
but rather for information purposes only. Having to
know what antennas other stations had used would be
another interesting piece of information for me as I
mentioned in another posting. It would help to know if
you are competing against a much larger station or

Finally (in case if it looks important), when it comes
to the point of awarding stations who made a good
effort but did not get to the first place to get an
award, I would suggest introducing more certificates
indicating the place taken and the number of
QSOs/points. It will solve the issue of someone
posting 5th or 10th score in the category of 50
stations and not getting anything while another
station gets a certificate in case of "1 out of 1"

Regards and Happy Holidays


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