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Subject: [CQ-Contest] K-3 Info
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Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 12:53:32 EST
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I just put my order in for a Elecraft K-3.  Estimated delivery is end  of 
March/beginning of April.  No money required for order.  I ordered  the 100 
version/sub rx/general coverage/auto tune.  I'm not sure if  I'll put it 
together myself or have it factory assembled.  I need to do  some more research 
the filters.  There are spots for five and two of  them will be taken up by 
the 2.1 kHz filters for split SSB operation.
Now for the info I received:
All eham reviews (15 of them) have been 5.0.  Pretty good!
>From the guys who responded to the reflector question.....
Rx is superb, excellent sensitivity, very quiet, easy to listen to, noise  
blanker/dsp outstanding, adjacent strong signal no problem.
A/B tests with several other rigs including Pro, 1000MKV and several others  
including K2 resulted in the K3 being the winner.  More than one guy  
mentioned that sometimes it seemed like there was no antenna attached to the  
it was that quiet.  In short, it is a "dream rx".
Tx...all were happy with the audio.  Unsolicited reports of excellent  audio 
for users.  VOX is easy to setup and stays stable.  
Negative stuff.  Pretty much what the word has been on the  
street....Problems with software updates being a little flakey.  Some of  the 
beta testers told 
me that they are the guinea pigs for these updates and  most of the bad stuff 
is caught by them.  However, the screwups are quickly  rectified and there 
are constant updates every several days, incorporating  customer suggestions 
new features and fixes. That's about it for the  negatives, except the rit 
offset is not in constant display.  Word is that  that fix is in the works.
Customer service is outstanding...that was mentioned time and time again  and 
the fact you can talk to the real people who make the rig and not customer  
reps was mentioned quite often.
More info on the rig.....
NCJ (July-Aug, Sept-Oct), general review and RTTY use
Elecraft archives _http://www.elecraft.com/elist.html_ 
K3 WIKI _http://www.zerobeat.net/mediawiki/index.php/Main_Page_ 
Several well known contesters using the rig include W4ZV, N6TR, N4BP,  W0YK.  
All are happy with it with the exception of BP who was less than  thrilled 
with the software issue.
So there you have it.  I must admit I put my order in before posting,  since 
I think if you do your research and are considering a new rig you'll  go the 
Elecraft route. I wanted to go ahead of today's pileup.  I think  it's hard to 
beat $3000 (the price of the 100W rig with sub rx, auto tune,  and general 
coverage) for a rig of this perfomance.  Filters of course are  extra.
One of my 1000MKVs will be used for SO2R, the other for a backup.   After 35 
years of using Kenwood, Yaesu, and Icom I finally changed.
I hope you guys can use the info.
73 Bill K4XS/KH7XS

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