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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] SO2R Category
From: ku8e@bellsouth.net
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 20:11:21 +0000
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  Like any game (or competitive sport) those who have the most "toys" always 
win. It's no different with amateur radio contesting. Back when I started 
contesting in 1976 there was no computer logging, SO2R, SOA, Packet, etc....  
The good (and respected) contest operators were the ones who knew from 
experience what band they should be CQing on the maximize their score. The 
technology we have today has taken all that guesswork away. All you need is 
some $$$ and you too can be a good (?) contester. Put up a few towers with big 
mono banders , buy that DX Doubler, telnet to the DX cluster and you will be up 
there with those big guns. If you don't have the resources to play with the big 
boys then don't complain. Do you think the elite NASCAR or Formula One drivers 
even care about what the backmarkers have to say ?
They are just saying "get outta my way."

 Since I don't have the resources to play the game at a serious level I am now 
what you would call a "causal contester".  I have my favorites that I like to 
do at a more serious level such as CW Sprint, NAQP and SS but the rest of them 
I'm just handing out points. Plus I treat myself to one or two trips a year to 
the Carribean and let all you guys with the "toys" step all over each other to 
work me... Happy Holidays

Jeff   KU8E
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