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[CQ-Contest] Cheating: The Power Chapter

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Cheating: The Power Chapter
From: "Franki ON5ZO" <on5zo@telenet.be>
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Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 03:29:09 +0100
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One of the sites I like to read is http://www.radio-sport.net
You could label it a contesting newspaper. I take the liberty to quote from 
this item:

"Contest organizers in general are not on top of this [cheating ed.] problem 
at all, but are slowly getting there," says Martti Laine OH2BH. He wants 
both individual contesters and contest sponsors to confront suspicious 
behavior. "Private initiatives would not work alone," said Laine. "Some of 
them with the poorest ethical standards should be bluntly disqualified."

Then I stroll over to the CQ WW Contest website, where the 2007 rules state 
(ànd printed in italics):
For all categories... All high power categories must not exceed 1500 watts 
total output power on any band.

DISCLAIMER: in what follows I am not pinpointing an individual nor a ethnic 
group. I don't even have a particular operator, callsign or specific contest 
result in mind.

What follows is a rhetorical question, I don't really want (need) an answer. 
Neither do I want to start another rant here. Please refrain from the 
I just want everyone, especially the protagonists of fair play and advocates 
of abiding the rules, to look into their heart (and at their calibrated 
power meters for that matter) and ask themselves this very question that I'm 
going to ask myself...

How many #1 plaques in CQ WW were 'won', and how many world records were set 
in compliance with this 1500W power limit?

Think about it - don't rant about it. Let's keep the peace for Christmas. I 
hope no one reflecting upon this will rip a plaque from the wall.

Season's Greetings!
Franki ON5ZO = OQ5M

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