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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Cheating / contest recording / packet / SO2R et.al- Youth Perspective
From: tornadochaser215@comcast.net
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 02:31:44 +0000
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I haven?t seen a young person?s (age 19) perspective on these issues and we?re 
snowed in at the ski resort so here goes. Small disclaimer: I haven?t talked in 
length with any other hams in my cohort so I?m just speaking for myself.

Cheating will always be around. I don?t think anyone will dispute that. There?s 
no real permanent solution to stopping it without cutting contests altogether; 
I?m definitely not in favour of that. I?ve seen cheating throughout my life in 
early school and even now in college (surprise, anyone?). Unfortunately there 
are people that want to take the easy road, even in such a rewarding hobby as 
amateur radio. I?ve read some good solutions to prevent cheating (online logs, 
eg) and sincerely hope the contest sponsors will look into putting the 
necessary plans into action.

Contest recording. Really the only thing I have to say about that is if you 
will buy me enough memory for my laptop and set it up, I?ll do it. Otherwise, I 
will record the contests I feel I?d get the best learning experience from. The 
recording may be painful to listen to, but it will be there. While at G6PZ for 
CQWW SSB this year, we attempted to record the run station?s audio, and failed. 
I was told that some of the 1000MP?s don?t record the outgoing audio and some 
do. Can this be fixed? Probably; but not 10 minutes into the contest. However, 
I do believe this will be a hindrance to the ?part-time? contesting group. As 
others have said, ?What happens if I by chance place well in a contest but 
forget to push the ?record? button?? Guess I?m SOL.

Now for packet. Growing up in an age of the internet, I have a strong ?bond? 
(if you like) with it. I?ve heard a few people say that packet doesn?t exhibit 
your complete skills; cool. Personally, if a contest allows packet and I?m not 
planning to do it too seriously, I?ll probably use it 70% of the time simply 
because I?ve grown accustomed to having it around. This is also mainly because 
I?ve got email, AIM, Facebook, etc also running during contests so the internet 
is already accessible. Most of the time, I just like to have a laugh at the 
busted spots or crazy announce messages that come across during contests. This 
subject may simply be a matter of your generational stake so I won?t go any 

SO2R, etc. I have A LOT of respect for those of you that have mastered or can 
do SO2R. I?m still trying to master one radio, especially on CW. However, I 
don?t believe there should be a separate category; instead, as we see on the 
3830 reflector, just another line. I?ve made due without having two radios for 
the last 5 years I?ve been a semi-serious contester and have put some pretty 
decent scores out. If you don?t have the ability to do something, figure out 
another way! I?ve found that just switching the VFO?s to pick up a new mult or 
a few more QSO?s can really increase your score. I?ve also found that many big 
station owners are willing to take in non-SO2R?ers or SO2R?ers alike for 
multi-ops. Just recently I picked up another FT-920 and a DX Doubler to start 
my career in SO2R, so if you hear me fumbling through you?ll know why. SO2R 
(like packet) is a nice addition to contesting in this era of internet, cell 
phones, etc and can really prove the high level of cognition hum
 ans ar
e capable of. 

These are just my quick thoughts on these issues. From my tiny perspective, I 
hope you can better understand where I?m coming from and what many teenagers in 
this extremely technological day and age are thinking.

Happy Holidays Y?all.

Colin KU5B
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