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[CQ-Contest] PJ2T Photos for Salt Corrosion Control

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] PJ2T Photos for Salt Corrosion Control
From: Geoff Howard <ghoward@kent.edu>
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 18:05:20 -0500
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We just finished a fairly massive year and a half long project at 
PJ2T to take down and rebuild most of the yagis, applying lessons 
learned about protecting metal in a seaside tropical environment. 
Maybe you can benefit from some of our lessons and not repeat the 
same mistakes. You'll see that we made very wide use of parts from DX 
Engineering. Thanks to Paul for making this stuff easily available.

There's a story and link to photos at


Or, you can go to www.pj2t.org, then "PJ2T Home Page" then to the 
section "Station Maintenance Issues and Items", then on "Summary of 
Completed 2006-07 Antenna Rebuild Project." When you get to the photo 
album, scroll to the bottom of each photo for the caption, then click 
in the picture to go to the next one.

Again, scroll to the bottom of each photo for a caption.

There's a LOT of behind the scenes maintenance work happening just so 
we can get on in each contest for those six second "599 9" or "59 K" QSOs.   :)

Thanks for all the Qs, Happy Holidays, and we'll see you in CQWW 160 CW soon.


               - Geoff, W0CG, PJ2DX

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