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[CQ-Contest] Game theory of spotting?

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Game theory of spotting?
From: Dave@KA1N.CN
Date: 23 Dec 2007 02:48:53 -0000
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As fascinating as the cheating discussion is (and it could only be better, if 
there were gratuitous naming of names and calls as well as legal threats), as 
someone with a passing interest in game theory, I wonder if any of the more 
capable on the list have done any analysis of the ramifications of spotting 
someone on packet as it now stands.  We know that packet changes the character 
of contests, but can we be sure HOW it changes the contest as a whole and as 
well as individual strategies.

In the old days, spots on packet were meant to help out fellow members of a 
club or team.  This was easy to understand.  Now, they serve some other purpose 
in contesting.  But, it also seems that we now have access to lots of data 
which would show potential motivations and rewards for spotting.

I imagine that there are all sorts of "learning" going on as the contest 
progresses.  Is there an incentive to provide incorrect spots?  Is there an 
incentive to spot someone without working them?  My intuition is that most of 
the "cheerleading" spots don't really help, but I might be wrong.

Any ideas?  


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