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[CQ-Contest] IOTA Contest Provisional Results

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] IOTA Contest Provisional Results
From: "Don Field" <don.field@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 13:12:26 +0000
List-post: <mailto:cq-contest@contesting.com>
We are pleased to announce that we now have the Provisional Results (subject
to appeal). I apologise that this has taken longer than usual. This is
mainly because I was with the 3B7C expedition for the whole of September.

This year, despite the low sun-spots, we received 1897 logs (a record), some
549,000 qsos sufficient to enable us adjudicate 68% of all qsos.

In addition, we have received photographs from 231 stations, and more than a
44% of the stations entered their location using Google maps. We have
integrated both the maps and photographs on the results page and we hope
that they would provide a richer experience. We also give you the
opportunity to enter/edit your location on Google maps and you can email any
contest related photographs (1 per station) to the contest manager:

We were particularly concerned this year at the number of QSOs which appear
to have taken place outside the contest-specified frequency segments. Rule 3

Contest-preferred segments should be observed, no operation to take place on
3560 - 3600, 3650 - 3700, 14060 - 14125 and 14300 - 14350kHz.

We realize that some entrants may not be familiar with this rule, but it is
important to observe these restrictions to avoid undue QRM to other band
users. As of next year penalties will be applied to those not observing the
specified band segments.

Some multi-op stations appear to be making significant numbers of
non-multiplier QSOs on their multiplier station. To avoid problems in
future, we are likely to be introducing a 10-minute rule, similar to CQWW,
IARU and other major contests. Please be sure to check the rules before the
2008 contest.

We note also that some entrants claimed DXpedition category for islands
which do not qualify (for example, because they can be reached by a bridge).
It is possible, therefore, that some changes may be applied to the
categories before the final results are published in the RSGB's RadCom

Many thanks tp those of you who took part in IOTA 2007. Certificates will be
sent to leading scorers in each category and a list of trophy winners will
be published in due course.

Should you have any queries/disagreements about our adjudication please let
us know IMMEDIATELY. The results will be finalised by January 15th 2008.



Official IOTA contest page:

Entrants who entered by email should have received an email from the robot
with their personal URL to go to their "UBN" (adjudication) report. If you
have not seen this, please check your spam folder, etc.

You can contact us by email:

CU next year...

Don Field G3XTT and the IOTA Contest team
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