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Topband: Improving the Fabulous CQ 160 Contest

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Subject: Topband: Improving the Fabulous CQ 160 Contest
From: "Victor A. Kean, Jr." <vkean@k1lt.com>
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2009 21:26:20 -0500
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For the 2010 edition of CQ 160 contest, I propose the following
changes as followons to the 2009 changes:

1.  Make the exchange 59(9) grid where "grid" is 4 character
Maidenhead grid square, a-la the Stew Perry test.

2.  Make the QSO point scoring proportional to distance.  You could
take the Stew Perry scheme and scale it so that the longest possible
QSO is 10 (or maybe 12) points.

3.  Keep multipliers to encourage DXpeditions and pile-ups.

The slightly more difficult exchange should be compensated roughly by
slightly inflated scores if the scoring is 1 point per 4000 km.  Or,
maybe not.

Let the flaming begin.

Victor, K1LT
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