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Re: [CQ-Contest] Question about Cabrillo Files for NAQP

To: Hank Greeb <n8xx@arrl.org>
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Question about Cabrillo Files for NAQP
From: Michael Keane K1MK <k1mk@alum.mit.edu>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2009 10:58:06 -0500
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The NAQP Cabrillo Log Specification can be found here: 

That shows as examples a value for the QTH field of XE for Mexico and 
KP4 for Puerto Rico.

According to that spec, the "QTH" field is just three characters long so 
values like "Mexico" and "Argentina"  might cause problems with your log 
(or then again they might not) depending on how permissive the sponsor's 
robot and log checking are.

FWIW, QTH values of XE, KP4 and blank (for non-NA DX) are known to work 
correctly, so why takes chances?

Mike K1MK

On 1/13/2009 11:20 PM, Hank Greeb wrote:
> N3FJP contest logger insists on using the entire name for Countries
> (either considered North American or DX) in the cabrillo file.
> For example, when I copy and XE1, and he says "MX" for Mexico, the file
> has "Mexico"  or when I work Argentina, the fellow only sends a name, no
> country, but the Cabrillo file has "Argentina" in the SPC space.
> If I leave this as is, will I get penalized?  Or should I replace the MX
> for Mexico, and PR for Puerto Rico, etc, and take out the countries like
> ARgentina, since this wasn't part of the exchange.
> I don't recall if this occurred in past years, perhaps I didn't work any
> foreign stations.  Any experts out there?
> 73 de n8xx Hg

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