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[CQ-Contest] 1 million qso's?

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] 1 million qso's?
From: "Robert L. Shohet" <kq2m@earthlink.net>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 20:40:07 -0500
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Great question!

I am well on my way to 1,000,000 q's.
Over 35 1/2 years of operating and 35 years of contest
operating, I have made somewhere North of 800k q's.

For many years I was in the 25-30k annual qso range, 85+% of 
which was from contest operating, and from 1999-2004 after my 
station was built, I was averaging over 40K q's /year, 90+%  of which
was from contest operating. 

There were a few years where I was averaging MORE than 
4,000 q's/dx contest between CQWWCW, CQWWSSB, ARRLDXCW,
ARRLDXSSB, WPXSSB, WPXCW and the IARU and 10 meter
contest added almost another 3,000 each!  

My production from 2005-2008 was substantially reduced
but is slowly coming back up again.  :-)

Since I guest operated for more than 25 years at a significant number
of M/2, M/M and M/S operations, my best guess is that I made
600k+ q's as a single op. with the rest being q's I made at multi-ops.
Of those approx 600+k q's, probably 500k or so were made under my own 
call.   I will never know for sure.

I guess I will have to make another 500k q's just to be sure I hit 
1,000,000 q's under my own call!   I think that I might have enough time
to do it.  :-)

You might want to check with N6TJ and N6AA.  They have been
globe-trotting for 30+ years.  K3WW has also been exceptionally active
over a VERY long time!

Bob KQ2M

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