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From: Doug Renwick <ve5ra@sasktel.net>
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2009 13:46:24 -0600
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As soon as I read the opening paragraph my 'bull shit detector' started
flashing.  I sensed that the rest of the posting would be suspect as if
possibly concocted by one team member, who in my opinion is a
professional spin doctor.

There may be two or more possible speculative schemes:

The other operators of 6Y1V were suckered in believing that they could
be part of an award winning team.  For myself I would be very
disappointed if after the contest I was told the score would not be
submitted.  But that does not appear to be the case which leads to the
next speculation.

Sometime before, during or after the contest, all the operators got
together and devised a scheme of protest.

The arguments made in the posting are puzzling:

"Our society has moved beyond this method of social restraint, so why is
amateur radio contesting moving in the opposite direction?"

This statement is really flawed.  Since when does society always make
the right decisions? ... it doesn't.

"In my opinion, in a hobby where the stakes are so low, there is no
monetary reward and most of us do this just for fun, the idea of forcing
people to open their personal logs for worldwide inspection is not only
ludicrous but it is downright shameful."

That statement is totally contradictory.  Low stakes, no reward, for fun
and then it becomes highly sensitive to disclosure.

"While opening my log to anyone that asks is really no big deal, having
the right to decide to whom and when I open it is a big deal. I choose
to open my logs to the contest committee, but I choose not to open them
to the world. In addition, I choose not to enable a system that assumes
guilt before innocence."

This is nothing but 'fancy footwork'.  There is something else going on
here and this is just a smoke screen, sadly concocted by the spin
doctors of this world.


Life is not a spectator sport. 

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Not much point in hiding the strategy if your log is not considered for
The final results.

I have had a couple of private emails with Dave on this and I am not
Sure what the purpose of this protest really is.  I am leaning with Doug
VA5DX as there is more to the story.   

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