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[CQ-Contest] Log checking deadlines as a function of cheating

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Log checking deadlines as a function of cheating
From: kr2q@optimum.net
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2009 21:33:42 +0000 (GMT)
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The following is my 2 cents' worth....

I think that the concept of a shortened deadline so as to impact those who 
would "cheat" is
mostly off base (ie, wrong).

As I see it, the only "advantage" of waiting until the "end" is to utilize LoTW 
or wait for some
QSLs to roll in....use those to "check" or "enhance" the log to be submitted.  
I have to believe
that the value of such an adventure is minimal, if of any value at all in terms 
of sequence of 

As for "everything else" that might fall under the domain of "cheating," 
anything an entrant can
do in 30 days can be done in one day; and there is no way that the deadlines 
will be formally
reduced to UNDER one day.  A shortened deadline, for a cheater, just means that 
they have to
do the same work in a shorter time frame.  Anyone who is determined to cheat in 
the 30-day
period will also be determined to cheat within whatever period there is.

>From my perspective, someone who is doing LOG cheating, in 99% of the cases, 
>will be found
within 4 hours of initiating an analysis; probably a LOT less.  The other .9% 
may take longer; 
sometimes a lot longer, but will be discovered.

That being said, it is my opinion that the vast majority (the overwhelmingly 
vast majority) of
entrants are not LOG cheats (let's skip power).  The original purpose of the 
30-days was to 
allow an entrant to "get it all together" using paper resources.  That aspect 
is now outdated,
as evidenced by the huge number of e-LOGS submitted within 24 hours post 
contest and
especially within 7 days post contest.  Those who take the full allotted time 
are certainly
the outliers, but not violators and not presumed to be guilty (at least not by 

To sum up, just because someone takes the full 30-days to submit a log carries 
no additional
meaning.  Shortening the submission time frame will not prevent someone bent on 
from cheating.

de Doug KR2Q

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