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[CQ-Contest] Log Checking Deadlines

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Log Checking Deadlines
From: "Bauer, Scott" <sbauer@syrres.com>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 14:13:48 -0500
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What are you saying Tree.  Log submitted near the deadline must mean cheating?  
W0MU you seem to agree with Tree.  KR2Q I think you've got it right.   VE7FO 
you have it right too !  We have something in common.

If a contest sponsor says 30 days it means 30 days, why sweat it ?  One week 
into the 30 days, I'm not even thinking about submitting my log.  If it says 1 
week then it is 1 week.  Do a 1 week deadline for CQWW next year and I bet you 
get 2000 late logs.  Then what do you do?  DQ them all?  That'll work.  You 
will get a multitude of late logs for years and years and years if you change 
from 30+days to 7 days.  Similar thing happens if you dump the 599 from the 
report, you will have 10 years of confusion, confusion that may never go away.  
Change to grid squares, you risk killing the contest.  You might never survive 
that change.

Fact is:  I am about 50:50 about missing the Sprint deadline, that is why you 
see me post a score and then it doesn't show up in the listings.  Do a 1 week 
submission for all contests, and I bet that I miss a lot of deadlines not just 
the Sprint.  How do I post but not submit the log at the same time?  I usually 
post the score from work on Monday, and get around to submitting the log 
whenever I get to it.

Noting the date the log is submitted, why?  An attempt to needlessly embarrass 
someone and subject them to the mob that will think they are cheaters?  Great 
idea, NOT !  I consistently send in my log near the deadline for no other 
reason that I didn't get to it earlier.

Massage a log ?  No I don't and you can check my UBN/NIL report as proof.  I 
make all the common errors.  .....  Now that is an idea, make everyone's 
UBN/NIL report public access, so we can mock out the guys who have high error 
rates.  I'm kidding don't do that either.

Bonus points for early submission?  You've got to be kidding.  Do that and 
count me out.

And the person that mentioned paper logs.

I have known of paper logs in at least one major contest not getting reviewed 
for dupes and such, how about that for a contest sponsor ?  Electronic log you 
get checked, paper log no checking,  Sound fair to you ?  How do I know this 
has happened ?  Because in a certain contest, that I won't mention so as not to 
embarrass the contest sponsor, my local competitor sent in a paper log and mine 
was electronic, mine got checked his did not.  We swapped positions in the 
standings, and the difference was the inconsistently applied log checking.  
Electronic log checked, paper log unchecked.  How do I know he sent in a paper 
log?  He told me.

I have not operated that contest seriously since.

Note that this was more than a few years ago, buy hey checking is checking, not 
checking a paper log is rude, unprofessional, and an embarrassment to the 
contest sponsor.  But in this case the sponsor did not care when I approached 
them on the subject.  Basically told me where to put it.  I caught them with 
their pants down, and they chose NOT to do the right thing.  But it is over and 
done with and I still get the magazine.

Tree, another rude contest sponsor thing:  Submit your Sprint log late (after 
the week), the robot seems refuse to accept the log.  If you want a check log 
for more complete log checking purposes, then why don't you accept late logs as 
check logs ?  And reply as such?  I've missed quite a few Sprint deadlines 
because of the 1 week deadline.

Why do I consistently submit my logs near the deadline Tree ?  Sorry Tree I'm 
not trying to pick on you here.  Really.   But you need to know why us 
deadbeats are not really deadbeats.  Or maybe we are deadbeats but don't want 
to admit it.  I guess VE7FO and I are in denial.

One or more of the following apply:  I'm lazy, busy, don't have internet access 
on the logging computer, not thinking of submitting a log at 0000Z or whenever 
the contest ends, I go to sleep or watch TV or whatever after the contest, I 
have kids, I do other things besides contest, it takes too long to log into my 
internet email provider, my kids are on the computer all the time so my access 
time is limited, did I mention I'm lazy ?, etc  ...

N3LI quote:  "Fact is, I can disqualify anyone who I don't like".  N3LI you are 
a contest log checker ?  WOW, what a thing to say !  Hope you weren't serious, 
and I hope that you don't do any CQ contests or ARRL contests.  If I were CQ or 
ARRL, I would quickly dump you as a log checker just for saying that.  I figure 
that you would never do this, but you know that appearances will get you, just 
read this reflector.

So, I admit I am one of the people who send in their logs at the last minute.  
I am trying to get better but old habits are hard to change.  I've done pretty 
well this year though.  But I see my CQ 160m CW log has not been sent in yet, 
same for VHF SS.  Oh well.

73 Scott W2LC

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