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[CQ-Contest] FD Class D CQ (was: Field Day and contesting...)

Subject: [CQ-Contest] FD Class D CQ (was: Field Day and contesting...)
From: jpescatore@aol.com
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2010 06:12:45 -0400
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As a Field Day enthusiast who has always gone peanut whistle remote in Class A 
or Class B, I really don't have any problem 
with Class D stations calling CQ. There is never a problem finding a run 
frequency in FD anyway, and the vast majority of FDers 
are those who *answer* contesters the rest of the year. Having more stations 
calling CQ is a plus for them, especially *loud* 
stations that *hear* well, and are good at running stations. 

But, if you are operating from home (actually, for any contester operating in 
FD) I think it is good form to spend some time 
S&Ping to answer CQs by portable FD operations where someone may be getting 
their first taste of running stations. Same 
thing in state QSO parties, really.

John K3TN
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