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Re: [CQ-Contest] Nasty Cheerleading in favor of R36F

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Nasty Cheerleading in favor of R36F
From: Doug Smith <dougw9wi@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2010 16:59:15 -0500
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Barry wrote:
> That's why it should be a CW-only contest - to maintain anonymity of the 
> participants.  Otherwise, it's just another DA0HQ-like fiasco.

OK, *way* outside-the-box suggestion for WRTC-2014:

Each team is required to provide the WRTC sponsors .wav recordings of one or 
both team members reading the letters, digits, a CQ message with an 
assigned WRTC callsign, their transmitted report, and "73 mycall".

These recordings will be put on a CD (or thumb drive) and put in the envelope 
with the associated callsign.  The envelopes will be distributed at 
random to the station judges (as is current practice) and the recordings loaded 
shortly before the contest.

Microphones will not be allowed at the WRTC stations.  All phone transmissions 
must use the recordings.

So you may hear R36O calling "CQ Contest" with W9WI's voice, but for all you 
know it could be the JA or South American or UK team operating.


It is up to the assembled masses to decide whether this is a serious 
suggestion.  (not even I am sure)


I have to say, at least on 20m CW I was (pleasantly) surprised how similar the 
signals of the various competitors were.  The organizers did a very 
good job of matching stations.


Doug Smith W9WI
Pleasant View, TN  EM66
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