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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] N6TJ AXIOMS OF LIFE
From: Tõnno Vähk <Tonno.Vahk@gafm.ee>
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 21:51:21 +0000
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We might debate for ever what is exactly anyone wants from amateur radio and 
which trends are making it more attractive and popular and which are dumbing 

But this is Contest reflector and what concerns contesting it is clear that 
spotting is here to stay and that is a huge contribution to make the contests 
fun for all of us.

Suggestions of banning spotting networks for WRTC time are very bad idea 
because spots were the main reason we actually got to run such pileups and 
actually have fun. Taking this away would be the dumbest thing to do.

Availability of packet clusters contributes hugely to the participation in big 
worldwide contests and thank god it is so efficient.

Whining about how spots ruin your rate or how you get dupes calling is silly. 
Good ops do what they need to do. Lucky if you are in such a location where you 
actually get to have pile ups. Nowadays there are not many such places left. I 
worked 8,000 QSOs from 4O3A last year and its all one big CQ marathon. I wish I 
was having more callers and be spotted more often, why not. Can only dream 
about 60 minutes of pile up to make a decent rate. It never happened.

Ca 1/3 or entrants in CQWW claim assisted plus hundreds of casual ops use 
cluster but enter un-assisted out of ignorance or they just don't care. 

What is the problem? Everyone decides if he wants to use cluster or not. It is 
a huge fun for many to chase stations from cluster and the only way they will 
participate. Last thing we should do to take it away and halve the 
participation in the contests. The same way we should not prohibit commercial 
radios and go back to homebrew. 

If you wish to polish your skills then do your own S&P and be proud of it. Let 
the ones who enjoy something else in life do what they want to do.

Just pick your category and be sure you claim assisted if you use cluster! It 
is that easy! For others, just hope you get spotted and get somebody will call 
you once in a while:)


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At 17:19 2010-07-18 , Richard F DiDonna NN3W wrote:
>I think the issue of spotting negatively affects only a small proportion of 
>operators - namely those who are single ops operating from locations where 
>they are the the only or perhaps one of two operators on from that DXCC 
>entity for the entire weekend.
>73 Rich NN3W

I strongly disagree. Spotting affects contest operating in general and it
is adding to the dumbing down of amateur radio. Building up an "impressive"
score that is dependant on DX-cluster spots has nothing to do with skills.
It is mainly a waiting game and others are doing the job. Using the reverse
beacon system is the same deal.

73 Peter SM2CEW

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