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[CQ-Contest] R36K mystery solved?

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] R36K mystery solved?
From: Tõnno Vähk <Tonno.Vahk@gafm.ee>
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2010 22:10:02 +0000
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I tried to find the answer to why R36K had zero skimmer spots from our contest 

Just once I had their CQ message caught and it was:

"R36K ++++TEST----" or similar. Once call sign in the beginning and then TEST 

It seems skimmers don't really like that?

We had "++++TEST---- R33A R33A".

We had less CW QSOs than other top stations. Less CQs in CW. We did not almost 
use dual CQ. The reason for R33M huge skimmer spot count is very active dual CQ 
in CW.


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2010/7/19 Pete Smith <n4zr@contesting.com>:
> The following table lists the contestants in WRTC by finish order and
> callsign, and then shows the number of spots recorded in the Reverse
> Beacon Network database.  Reverse beacons don't cheerlead or select
> which stations to spot.  You can draw your own conclusions.  Perhaps
> there is a statistician among us who can derive further enlightenment by
> analyzing these numbers, together with others released by the organizers.
> Call    Place    Spots
> R32F    1       182
> R33A    2       109
> R33M    3       316
> R39D    4       172
> R34P    5       156
> R32K    6       0
> R32R    7       106


I'm not statistician, but I saw a Skimmer working at PW7T M/2 for
first time on last WPX CW.
I noted Skimmer script is limited to spot station calling CQ not often
than 10min basis. Over 10min, I guess It looks for a CQ and a CALL
words to proceed the spot.

It was very clear to us, when we were very busy working pileup,
without ID or doing short ID as TU PW7T, we weren't spotted at all by
our local Skimmer. We needed to call CQ twice like CQ TEST PW7T to our
local Skimmer catch us.

So, I can say that R33A wasn't CQing enought to be catched as R32F was.
And Zero from R32K spots could means bad keying, bad call or never CQ
hi hi hi. How knows?

73, Luc
PW7T Team member
WRTC.2010 Brazilian Team Leader
PY8AZT (also PT7AG, PX8C, ZZ8Z, ZY7C)
LABRE, ARRL, & Fortaleza DX Group Member
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