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[RTTY] WPX Season Opens This Weekend

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Subject: [RTTY] WPX Season Opens This Weekend
From: Ed Muns <w0yk@msn.com>
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Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2011 02:26:56 -0800
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CQ WPX RTTY runs this weekend followed by SSB in March and CW in May.
Whatever the propagation, there will surely be plenty of activity (and fun!)
for everyone.


While WPX was designed as a DX contest, the prefix multipliers are equally
valuable wherever they come from, even one's own country. Of course, more
QSO points are awarded for QSOs in other continents, but modest stations can
feasibly make a million points if they operate most of the contest period.


WPX also emphasizes the low bands by awarding double points for QSOs on 80
and 40 meters compared to 20, 15 and 10 meters.  Especially at this
(continued!) point in the solar cycle, WPX really encourages contacts on the
low bands.  Operating strategy should take into account maximizing time on
80 and 40 as long as the QSO rate is at least half what could be expected on
the high bands.  The high bands are still important for multipliers that may
not be on the low bands and for daytime QSOs.


In RTTY WPX, Packet assistance is allowed in all entry classes.  Single
operator logs are scored on only the first 30 hours of operation, but
operation beyond that is fine as long as the QSOs are left in the log so
that log checking will not penalize the stations worked for NIL (Not In Log)
QSOs.  Furthermore, if single ops are more interested in the club
competition than individual results, and they want to operate past the 30
hour limit, they can enter as Multi-Single.


Be sure and review the 2011 Rules, as there have been some changes, notably
the addition of the same Overlay classes as CW/SSB for Rookies and
Tri-Band/Wires.  MixW users are encouraged to consult www.cqwpxrtty.com
<http://www.cqwpxrtty.com/>  for information on how to configure prior to
the contest and how to create a proper Cabrillo format log after the
contest.  The majority of improper Cabrillo logs in the past have come from
MixW users.  ;>)


In a separate announcement, K5ZD describes a new log submittal tool that
examines your Cabrillo log for format errors real-time as you submit it so
you can correct immediately.  WPX RTTY is its maiden voyage but testing to
date shows it is a valuable resource in saving log submittal time after the
contest as well as providing better formatted logs to ease log checking.
www.cqwpx.com/logcheck/ is recommended for log submittal, but the
traditional robot can still be used directly, too.


Finally, two practice sessions will be held to help you prepare for the big


2200-2230z, Thursday, 10 February

0200-0230z, Friday, 11 February


Join both sessions if you can, although the first may be easier for
Europeans and the latter for North Americans.


Ed - W0YK/4

CQ RTTY Contest Manager

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