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Re: [CQ-Contest] NA SPRINT CW Issues

To: "Mike Tessmer" <k9nw@qth.com>, <cq-contest@contesting.com>
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] NA SPRINT CW Issues
From: "Ted Bryant" <W4NZ@comcast.net>
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2011 11:32:45 -0500
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Hi Mike,

I like your suggestion. The frequencies between 7100-7125kHz seem to be one
of the least-used segments on that band. But I would take it one step
further - make that segment the suggested 40m frequencies for all the NA CW
Sprints, lest we confuse folks (and some WILL forget!) on when to operate
where and have activity split between two band segments.

Thanks for the QSO's Saturday night.

73, Ted W4NZ

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] NA SPRINT CW Issues

>The horrific Digital/RTTY conflict issue on 40m still needs to be
>from NA CW Sprint future events.

The end of the world was predicted with the rare conflict of ARRL RTTY
Roundup and NAQP CW earlier this year.  It didn't happen that way but within
the discussion someone noted the mostly open territory between 7100 and
7125.  In that context it was why isn't there more RTTY activity up there?

So in another context, why not try to migrate the February CW Sprint
activity to that segment?  Face it, 99.9% of the CW sprint activity is by
"sprinters" with very few ops who just happen to tune across the chaos and
jump in.  It would seem with ample pre-contest publicity in this forum and
via club mediums, pretty much anyone interested in the CW sprint would get
the word.  I offer this ONLY for the February CW Sprint (September doesn't
seem to have much conflict.)  The XE RTTY contest isn't going away.  Who
knows what the next major DXpedition in early Feb will be but chances are
there will be one and they'd be listening up on the low end of 40.  Toss in
the FOC marathon.  The weekend swap has already been tried but with the
exponential rise in WPX RTTY activity that weekend - a major contest now -
that won't work.

Any particular reason this would not work?  Am I missing anything?

73, Mike K9NW

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