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Re: [CQ-Contest] Busted Skimmer Spots

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Busted Skimmer Spots
From: BRYON PAUL n0ah VEAL <bryonveal@msn.com>
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 21:41:41 -0700
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I just think skimmer technology is in it's beginning- to handle the load during 
a contest and have a few busted calls, well, all I can say you should know code 
to work a CW contest- I will always see it as a great tool, but I doubt if I'll 
ever just sit there and log in a call without hearing it- The volunteer system 
putting this together should get medals-Not whining.  It is amazing technology, 
but reading these complaints on busted calls bringing into question of those 
complaining knowing code to operate in DX Ally in the first place- Does DX 
Summit have a higher busted call rate?  Sometimes after the bars close, that 
site can be a real fun house- hihi  
I suggest just be happy that your finding possible mults in the shortest amount 
of time available with this technology and live with having to correct a few- 
Not trying to be rude, but if I ran a skimmer station, and had to read these 
complaints, I might just unplug things for a contest- 
Skimmer stations, thank you so much to those putting skimmer systems on line 
and helping inform us of DX spots and the reverse beacon network- so very fb in 
understanding the science of propagation!!!  I feel like I'm in a Star Trek 
movie watching this stuff possibly move us forward in the understand of HF 
propagation at a huge clip-along-pace- I'd put contesting second to the science 
and development this technology offers- And one more thing, if a rig is 
clipping a character, is it the skimmer station reporting its call sign who is 
suppose to fix it? - I hope we are not at that level yet of expectations- 
73  Paul  N0AH   

 Bryon "Paul" Veal  ARS-n0ah

> From: zephd@indy.rr.com
> To: cq-contest@contesting.com
> Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 21:41:03 -0500
> Subject: [CQ-Contest] Busted Skimmer Spots
> Skimmers will decode any RF they finds - and there is PLENTY of RF in M/M's
> such as K3LR. All of this causes the generation of "Skimmer-busted calls"
> such as LW3LPL (mentioned on the CQ Contest Reflector). LW3LR and many, many
> variations such as K3LA, K3LE, K3RR, LT3LR, M3LR ....
> The new Arc V6 was used at K3LR to Filter Spots sent to the RBN. Two
> instances of Arc V6 were run - one to feed the RBN Network - and the second
> to feed the Win-Test Network. The RBN software connected to an Arc V6
> Server rather than directly to each of K3LR's 6 Skimmers (each Skimmer has a
> Perseus radio).
> Arc V6 has a DxSpotBlock Filter. This uses calls from two files. One file
> contains the usual "Halloween calls" like G0RE. The second file is named
> MyDxSpotBlock. The filtering worked fine once I solved a self-imposed
> problem.
> At the beginning of the Contest, some calls in the K3LR MyDxSpotBlock file
> were being blocked, but others were not. A lot of sleepless hours were
> spent trying to figure out the reason. About 4:00 AM Sunday morning a
> logged error message led me to check the MyDxSpotBlock file and found that I
> had entered the K3LR call twice. K3LR was on this list to prevent
> inadvertent "Skimmer Self-Spotting."
> By the time the Contest ended, the K3LR MyDxSpotBlock.dat file had grown to
> 146 calls and most of the K3LR Skimmer-Busted Calls were blocked.
> 73 --- Dave, W9ZRX
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