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From: "K6VVA - Rick" <cqtest97@k6vva.com>
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2011 22:33:31 -0800
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Mats, SM6ILR, wrote: (Re-Threaded)
>Nevertheless, Remote operation of a station is NEVER as efficient as
>directly with short cables, sitting next to the transceiver, so personally
>do not think that the serious contester see any remote-operated station as
>threat to his own success. At least not if the potential remote station is
>located in the in the same DXCC entity as the operator.

I disagree with the word NEVER, because I have a low 1ms latency wireless
link to my local remote site 4.4 miles from my house and this remote is just
as efficient as if it were here at home.  Long-haul remote is a different
story, of course.


Regarding the ultra-negative comments by others about remote contesting:


With all the technological advances (like Remoterig) making hands-on (vs.
software) remote contesting possible, as many aging contesters get closer to
the days of QSY'ing to Assisted Living facilities or moving in with adult
children in antenna-restricted tract homes locations, going remote will be
the only hope many of our fellow contesters have of still staying in the
game to some degree.  Well know top contesters have conveyed this as being
something important to them.


We are ALL going to die someday, which is why it is important to look for
new ways and new technologies to continue enjoying some of the things
important to us for as long as we can before the finality of going SK.


SHAME on those of you who would jealously (or ignorantly) try to rob some of
our contesting brethren from a little bit of (remote) contesting enjoyment
in their final days on this earth.  SHAME ON YOU ;-(




Rick, K6VVA * The Locust

Remote Contesting Advocate



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