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From: "David Thompson" <thompson@mindspring.com>
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Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 20:36:04 -0500
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I remember W6YY living in Los Angeles using a UHF link to run his contest 
station in the late 1950's.  The remote was about 5 miles away.

Skip forward to the mid 1990's.  W2AH (SK) used an AEA device on a touchtone 
phone to control his station miles away in Malibu Beach, CA.  He asked me 
for the exact frequency on 17.  He operated from his room in Las Vegas and 

Skip forward to about 2000.  Bill W4AN wired up his station in the North GA 
Mountains for remote operation.  I know this was operated several times 
before his untimely death.  KH7R in Hawaii was also operated remotely from 
the States.  I never saw anyone complain about these operations.  The 
internet played an important on Bill's operation.

We even have the W7DXX internet station in the USA and for a time his link 
in Iraq.  In a recent GA QSO party K4BAI worked the internet remote in Iraq 
operated by a station in North Carolina.

I think the only qualification is that RF comes from the remote location. 
Who cares what you use for the remote.

Dave K4JRB 

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