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Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2011 20:39:39 -0700
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  In the Golden Years of competing in the major DX contests:  CQWW   ARRL DX   
CQ WPX, to win the world as Single Operator/ All Bands, was considered by many 
to be "the" pinnacle of success.  More than a few of us, motivated to 'try just 
one more time', left family and friends at home, lugged more than a few pieces 
of overweight luggage to some remote island or far-off land, and pretended the 
cooked goose we were eating was almost as good as Thanksgiving Turkey back 
home.   48 hours of pain and effort; all for fun and No. 1, World.   And, for 
me, my competition was simply The Best SO/AB DX Contest Operators in the World 
(I cannot begin to name them all, but those who gave me the hardest time):  
K0DQ   W2GD   CT1BOH   OH2MM  AI6V  OH2BH   N6AA   N6KT    KH6IJ   K6NA   N5KO  
 N6TR   N5TJ  4L5A   KH6ND   W2SC, well you get the picture................

Many decades later, I'm still trekking to Hawaii, or some Caribbean Island, or 
back to Ascension Island, or somewhere "fun".

But for me, SO/AB, and my dozen World High's in SO/AB, are in the Ancient 
History column.  Today,  I simply refuse to give today's egregious cheaters one 
scintilla of satisfaction.

 I believe that SO/AB has been essentially ruined by (1) a couple of clowns - 
seemingly joined at the hip, or ?? who are ALWAYS at the same station, 
together, one supposedly SO/AB, while the other applies the cold compresses,  
or mixes the vodka and iced tea? or??  and (2) the "see no evil, hear no evil, 
speak no evil", CQ WW and CQ WPX Contest Directors who seem to possess the 
'deer in the headlights' symptom rather than proffering solutions to this 
rampant cheating that seemingly the entire rest of the world, that's awake or 
cares, that is, knows about - but not they.............

Where's the "proof", many ask?  Some like Tonno ES5TV did (read NS3T's 
Radio.Sport.net).  One year Chief Clown is DQed (you have to get your 
magnifying glass out to read the fine print).  The next year, we're all to 
believe that he's the Elmer Gantry of 2011, has found repentance, and is 
suddenly legal and No. 1?  C'mon out, I have some prime California Real Estate 
to sell you.........

I thought the recent CQ WPX CW 3830 posting of EF8M (RD3A - single operator, 
natch), especially poignant (or nauseating, your call) when he actually 
congratulated himself for his new world record !!    And I remember so vividly 
in 1970, anxious to know if I had won the 1969 CQ WW SSB and CW contests - I 
had to wait at least six months for a phone call to W1WY, before I could 
'congratulate' myself.  Ah, these wondrous days of social media and instant 

Meanwhile, as I understand from my (usually) reliable sources- in Russia:  the 
CQ WW and WPX contests have pretty much become the laughing- stock of the 
continent, as the cheaters congratulate themselves on their grand achievements  
.  And our leadership keeps on a-leading..................

Reminds me of the Judy Collins song, with its final words: "Send in the Clowns, 
Don't Bother They're Here"


Jim Neiger   N6TJ

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