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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Fwd: [YCCCpFwd: LZ Open Mini Test - Pirin, Bulgaria July 2nd 2011
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Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2011 04:39:12 -0400 (EDT)
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 FYI All

please take a look at the photos from Pirin Bulgaria.


de K1ZM/L1LZ/k6nd and the rest of the assembled crew!





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Subject: Re: [YCCC] Fwd: LZ Open Mini Test - Pirin, Bulgaria July 2nd 2011

Hello all, also greetings from Bulgaria.
I uploaded picture to a web site as we go. These are just pictures unedited, no 
story and no comments.
So as we go on it will be followed by 3; 4 etc.
We are having a blast!!!!!!


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Subject: [YCCC] Fwd: LZ Open Mini Test - Pirin, Bulgaria July 2nd 2011

FYI Guys

Greetings from Bulgaria!

Please wish the USA competitors some luck against the European guys who 
definitely have the experience and edge in this one on us from the other side - 
YCCC ops include K1LZ/K1ZM/W1UE/K1VR.

This is going to be fun...


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Subject: LZ Open Mini Test - Pirin, Bulgaria July 2nd 2011

Hi Jamie

I do not know if you are aware of this Saturday's upcoming LZ Open Mini-Test 
(July 2nd, 2011), but it is a kind of mini-WRTC event with something on the 
order of 100 competitors from around the world and it is taking place at the 
Pirin Golf Club and Resort in Southwestern Bulgaria - where I am now.

It has been organized by Krassy Petkov K1LZ, Milara International, ACOM 
Bulgaria (they make ACOM amps among other things), and members of the Bulgarian 
Federation of Radio Amateurs (BFRA), and a number of private commercial 
sponsors including Bulcrypt, DEVA Broadcast and Milara USA - plus some private 
individual LZ amateurs.

I am here now with some early arrivals including AI6V, K1VR, K1LZ, LZ1YQ, 
LZ1JK, and other LZ contesters as final preparations are being made.  We are 
expecting the arrival of JT1CO, PY5EG, PP5JR, K3LP, W1UE, E77DX, S50A, 
YO9GZU, YO9WF, UU4JMG, UU0GM, DJ6QT, RW6HW, VU2PAI and many others later today 
and tomorrow and are looking forward to some spirited competition.  

Briefly, the competition is similar to the manner in which a WRTC is conducted 
but with a somewhat unique rule set:

1) It is single operator

2) It's length is 4 hours long

3) Operators run 5w maximum (with RF power limiters provided by ACOM 
guaranteeing this level of output)

4) Single Band 80M CW only

5) Use of common 3m tall vertical antennas for all entrants

6) Stations will be set up field day style all around the golf course resort in 
a circle with from 100-150m physical separation.

7) Competitors may work each other ONLY during the 4 hour period with duplicate 
qso's allowed at pre-defined intervals (eg: perhaps 30 minutes apart) - this 
time interval will be announced at the team meeting to be held on July 01, 2011.

Awards will be presented at a GALA DINNER in the evening of 02 July to the top 
single operators and to the top two man teams which compete both individually 
and as a team chosen by personal preference upon arrival here at the 

As at a WRTC, callsigns are drawn at random shortly before the competition 
commences and each competitor has no knowledge of others while the competition 
is taking place.

Here is a link to a website providing more details and it should fill in any 
gaps I may have overlooked.

http://www.bfra.org/qrp ; (then select ENGLISH to see details)

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

73 and CU back on the other side of the Atlantic.



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