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[CQ-Contest] All Roads lead to Rome

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] All Roads lead to Rome
From: "Edward" <sawyered@earthlink.net>
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Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2011 02:40:22 -0400
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Doesn't all of this "level of the playing field" discussion actually lead to
ultimately all contests being homogenized to be the same contest?  After we
allow W4s to take an advantage in ARRL DX based on distance based scoring
and W6s to get compensated for polar paths to Europe and so on, we then move
to the next contest, Sweepstakes, and the next WPX, and so on.  Soon, all
contests are virtually the same because even though the method of Qs and
exchange is different, the behind the scenes scoring algorithms are actually
forcing the results to look the same no matter what contest you are in.
That doesn't sound fun o me.  Does it to you?


NQ4I is clearly looking to overcome disadvantages in ARRL DX.  Yet is silent
on the great advantage he has in WPX (as we know, NQ4I is a frequent winner
in WPX).  Are we to say that NQ4I's wins in WPX are really unfair? No, I
believe Rick's team earned them.  Yet there is no doubt that W4s and W5s
have an advantage in WPX under many prop conditions, especially in the CW
portion when the summertime conditions start emerging.  Hey can run 10 and
15Ms strong into the US and sometimes EU, that we cannot in W1.  


Rather than complain about, I realize that there are some WPXs that I can'
win, and do the best I can.  I can't say the same for SS or NAQP or Sprint
or ARRL 10 where it is simply unwinnable in W1.  I personally like the mix
of contests and choices.


NQ4I should be happy and deservedly proud of the wins in WPX hat his station
has achieved and rather than trying to distort ARRL DX, I would suggest
getting stronger into SS and ARRL 10 where he could clearly win many times
and a W1 station never could.


Or even better, work to sponsor a new contest.


Ed  N1UR

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