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Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2011 07:12:12 -0400
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Subject: Winners Announcement:  NCCC Sprint Ladder XI (Spring 2011)

 Dear Fellow Contesters -

We are happy to announce the winners of the Spring 2011 NCCC Sprint Ladder, 
known to its beloved devotees as 'Thursday Night Contesting'.   They are (drum 
roll please ...):

Overall Ladder and Atlantic:   Eric, NO3M
East Central Division:             Karl, K9BGL
West Central Division:           Todd, WD0T (@KD0S)
Western Division:                   Dan, K7SS
NCCC in CA/NV:                    Ken, N6RO

Special mention goes out to the 'Runner-Ups' of each division for their hard 
work and fine improvement in this ladder:   N4AF, KW8N, K5OT (@K5TR), KK7S and 

 And now for the 'Super Top Secret Double-Blind Random Weighted Drawing' for 
two bottles of 'ham-grown' wine graciously provided by Ed W0YK and Muns 

Wine Winner #1:     Rod, W7OM
Wine Winner #2:     Ken, N6RO


In addition to the 'Wine Winners', this Ladder we also randomly drew a dozen 
lucky recipients of 'Thursday Night Contesting' brand #2 'secret weapon' 
pencils, which have been statistically proven to improve your NS score!   (If 
you don't believe us, just ask DanWa or see this link:  
http://preview.tinyurl.com/3qqq58w* ...)   Pencil winners are not listed here, 
but were drawn using the same 'randomly weighted drawing' criteria - we hope 
they will be pleasantly surprised when the mailman arrives!

The NCCC Sprint is a 30-minute 'adrenaline shot' of radiosport each Thursday 
evening from 0230-0300 GMT.   It's a great way to brush up on your SO2R skills 
or test your setup ahead of the upcoming weekend's contest activity.   Modified 
NA Sprint rules apply - Low Power only.   DX Stations are welcome - just sign 
'DX' in your exchange.   Participants score up to 5 chances to win the wine 
drawing using these criteria:  '#1 in Division, #1 or #2 in Division, Top-25% 
Score in Division, Minimum 5-Week Participation, and Perfect 10-Week 
Participation'.    More information and complete rules can be found at 

Congratulations to all and see you on Thursday Nights!


Bill Haddon, N6ZFO - NCCC Sprint Contest Director
Ken Low, KE3X - Awards Manager

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