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[CQ-Contest] Unintended Consequences

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Unintended Consequences
From: "James Cain" <jamesdavidcain@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2011 07:55:06 -0500
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To Bob, KQ2M -- That was a great exposition on the CQ WPX rules; very 
thoughtful. Thanks for writing it. It reminded me of why for a long time it was 
a contest that did not interest me. 

I am still waiting for someone to reveal what the *un* intended consequences 
were of increasing the WPX hours of operation from 30 to 36. I have no idea.

I'm sure nobody remembers, or cares, but it was I who drafted the original 
rules for the IARU Radiosport Championship (as we called it) in early 1977. The 
Bicentennial Celebration in July 1976 had been such a huge success that it 
seemed like a good idea for ARRL/IARU to sponsor an annual, big, summer event. 

There were several active contesters at ARRL HQ at the time -- all of us in our 
20s -- and, as I recall, after the Bicentennial Celebration we all agreed "that 
was very cool." And the Contest Advisory Committee in those days was more 
active, and visible, than they are now. 

I don't recall when HQ multipliers were added to the IARU HF mix; it was 
sometime after I was involved. I worked at ARRL HQ and was "contest editor" and 
CAC liaison during the Bicentennial and IARU RS days. 

Jim Cain, K1TN/9
Northern Wisconsin
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