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[CQ-Contest] Configure two rigs ?

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Configure two rigs ?
From: "rob beaudoin" <wa1fcn@charter.net>
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2011 19:50:42 -0500
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Hi  Guys

Well 2 years ago I had writelog working with both rigs I use.
Between then and now I changed writelog setup.  Now I can not
get writelog to read frequency or control rig of
second radio.  i just got ts870 back from
service center ...They replaced computer control chip, and yes i
know It works, as my Comm Cat program reads both radios now
no problem.  Writelog  reads just my ft1000 mp.  First radio port 1
second radio (ts870) port 4.   When ts870 on, I load writelog and ts870
info light (control) comes on. Exit writelog control light goes off.
When I popup "set band window "  for 
second radio and tell it log frequency on port 4
then hit set  .....nothing happens.  2 years ago i used these same two radios
with writelog. I feel a little silly as I am thinking this is a simple fix,
but darned if i can spot it.  What am I forgetting guys ??
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