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[CQ-Contest] WPX & Activity (Was: Intended consequences)

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] WPX & Activity (Was: Intended consequences)
From: "Bob Shohet KQ2M" <kq2m@kq2m.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2011 06:57:10 -0400
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As I have stated before on this reflector:

"More activity = more fun
more qso's = more fun
more qso's = higher score = more fun"

More activity = more stations to work for everyone.

Despite the activity explosion in the WPX contest because of 
the 30=>36 hour rule change and the 0=>1 point US-US qso rule change,
which benefits the WPX contest you choose to focus on the narrow
perspective of how your score and that of some regions might be affected.

You steadfastly refuse to acknowledge how the increased activity levels
in WPX benefit EVERYONE (including you) operating in the contest.  

That's your choice - but my interest was, and is, on increasing activity in the
WPX contest. 

And, as I posted previously on this reflector, I helped champion
the 1 point US-US qso rule, even though, to paraphrase you,   I have to ask, 
""a good thing for you, sir, or those of us in the East?"  It clearly was to the
to the DISadvantage of myself and those in the East, but I actively supported 
it and 
lobbied for it because it was good for activity in the WPX contest!"

In a recent post, I referenced an old post in which I proposed an IARU type 
system for US q's which would have helped YOU and the western ops
even more (at the expense of the East coast ops).

I even included a link to this old post which you either did not read or don't
want to acknowledge..

The fact that you have chosen to remain silent about all this and pretend that 
never happened and then cast aspersions on me shows your lack of 
objectivity and your lack of interest in a thoughtful, respectful discussion.  
That's disapppointing.

I get it.  I am interested in what's best for the WPX contest and you are not.
Let's leave it at that.

Bob KQ2M   



KL7RA wrote:

Half that enter the WPX surveyed want to leave it as is which is good 
enough for me, but to hear someone in Connecticut say, "increasing the 
original WPX from 30 to 36 hours was a good thing",  I have to ask, 
"a good thing for you, sir, or those if us in the west?"

73 Rich KL7RA (Northwest, even worse) 

Bob Shohet, KQ2M

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