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[CQ-Contest] Last call to save world's best radio QTH.

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Last call to save world's best radio QTH.
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Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2011 21:49:33 +0000 (GMT)
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Fellow Hams,

We are in danger of losing perhaps the world's best radio location QTH - old 
WOO Ocean Gate, NJ AT&T Long Lines transmitting site.

Just brief outline. The site is on the mouth of Toms River flowing into the 
Barnegat Bay, just below of town of Toms River. It is peninsula about 175 
acres, surrounded by another about 200 acres of salty marshes. Channels supply 
salt water to flood the plain. Absolutely quiet, no man made noise. See the 
photos at http://www.teslaradio.org/site.htm

Two story building, like a fortress was housing 10 and 50 kW transmitters that 
fed some 45 Rhombics, 5 Discones, two wire LP on 100' towers, with 1 5/8 
heliax. Building has about 2 acre fenced off area. Building and antenna fields 
were designated historical sites. There will be no residential or industrial 
developments there.

The site was leased to Tesla Radio Foundation and Museum by the township, for 
two years, and then extended for five years. More info about the project is at 
www.TeslaRadio.org web site. We were trying to have the AT&T and Tesla Museum, 
Club house and competitive M/M station there. I was not able to devote planned 
time and resources to get the project off the ground due to family and business 
problems and commitments. There was some vandalism done to the site. Township 
is getting concerned that not much was done to preserve the site and is looking 
for more reassurances that project will be progressing. 

What I have done so far, we have registered NFP Foundation 501 (c)3, have a 
bank account, PO Box 9, calls N2EE and NT1E. Now with my involvement with 
MountainView Resort and getting up in the age, I will not be able to devote as 
much time as I was hoping for (retiring there). We are trying to solicit more 
members and work with other Tesla groups, but more hands and heads are needed.

This is perhaps last call trying to save this magnificent and historical site 
and build world best radioclub station. 

I can see some possibilities:
1. Expand the club with active members, solicit donations.
2. Group or club take over, perhaps Curacao style (shares).
3. Someone purchase the building and site.
4. ???

I am willing to help in any way I can, especially in the technical aspects, 
antenna and station design, logistics, etc. I have rigs and hardware to equip 

We also have nice, historical beach house around the corner from the site, 
which we would consider selling. Perfect place for contester to retire and 
dominate the bands.

If you are interested and can help, please come to our Tesla Radiofest BBQ this 
Saturday, July 23, at MountainView Resort in Glen Spey, NY www.MVmanor.com and 
lets try to figure out how to save this Radio Jewell.

Yuri Blanarovich, K3BU
President Tesla RC
cell 973 220 0087
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