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Re: [CQ-Contest] RDXC submission errors

To: Mike r9ft <ra9ftm2@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] RDXC submission errors
From: Igor Booklan SRR <ra3auu@srr.ru>
Reply-to: Igor Booklan SRR <ra3auu@srr.ru>
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2012 00:04:02 +0400
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Тебе в Президиум СРР

Mr> Hi, Igor!

Mr> Be sure I am not claimed as CHECKLOG in rdxc 2011 and 2012! Have fun!

Mr> More fun here: http://rdxc.org/results/2011/topfive.asp#as  See
Mr> SOAB-CW Asiatic Russia...
Mr> SOAB-CW:  QSOs  Total       1.8        3.5         7         14
Mr>  21         28
Mr> R9FT      2395   6232686   294/42+60  352/45+66  639/57+61   649/66+68
Mr>  438/65+37   23/14+10
Mr> RT9A      2207   5313960   252/38+51  319/48+59  560/65+61   544/65+69
Mr>  500/62+32    32/22+8

Mr> And check here:
Mr> http://rdxc.org/asp/pages/scores_n.asp?ID=2&YEAR=18#LOG see checklog
Mr> entry
Mr> Station QSOs 1 R9FT 2447

Mr> Go-go and correct this little "mistake". hi

Mr> May be you can explain here why you do so? (I may explain this, but I
Mr> don't wish to speak about Roman Thomas' r5aa lie, etc.)
Mr> In rdxc 2012 you also want to move me to checklog entry?

Mr> P.S. Only for justice.

Mr> 2012/3/31 RA3AUU/P33W <ra3auu@srr.ru>:
>> Guys, we have to appologies for RDXC robot operation.

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