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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Remote Control in Contests
From: Ken McCormack <zl1aih@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2012 13:19:45 +1200
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Hi Randy,

You wrote:

IV. Terms of Competition for All Categories:
> (f) All operation must take place from one operating site. Transmitters and
> receivers must be located within a 500-meter diameter circle or within the
> property limits of the station licensee, whichever is greater. All antennas
> must be physically connected by wires to the transmitters and receivers
> used
> by the entrant.
> (g) The entry location of a remote station is determined by the physical
> location of the transmitters, receivers, and antennas. A remote station
> must
> obey all station and category limitations.
> <<
> These two rules together pretty much cover it. Your station has to all be
> in
> one place.  The op can be far away as long as the station (transmitter,
> receiver, antennas) are all in one place.

(f) states "*All operation must take place from one operating site."*  (my

"All operation" must surely include the operator/s, or am I missing

(g) would not contradict (f) if remote station operation was a separate

We can all agree that there is no level playing field (except for WRTC) but
rules should be adjusted to keep up with internet technology.

> I think it is pretty amazing that someone was able to make 4000+ QSOs from
> a
> remote station!  I would rather have that activity on the band than the guy
> not making any QSOs at all.

Amazing yes, but would such an operator be prepared to identify his 'remote
operation' by signing CQ8X/R?   Would activity be reduced?

I'll continue to have fun by adhering to the spirit of the rules, e.g.
IDing during every
contest QSO to make the contact "valid" but that horse has long since
sacrificed for "rate".

Flame-proof suit donned.

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