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[CQ-Contest] Remote contesting Questions

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Remote contesting Questions
From: W0MU Mike Fatchett <w0mu@w0mu.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2012 21:08:32 -0600
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I thought I would summarize some of my questions in one post.

How does someone operating remotely affect your effort?

How does someone operating remotely become unfair to you?

Why does it matter how long or the medium of the control wires?

Is it ok for me to have a K3/0,  simply a front end that give me every 
feature on my K3, on my kitchen table and the rest of my equipment in my 
shack 100 ft away?  If it is ok is it ok if my station were located on 
in another country?  If not why and what exactly is the difference.

If it is not fair to have a remote station in preferred DX contesting 
location then why is it fair for people to build and rent out stations 
at those same locations?  Why would remote operation be unfair?

Do you really think that a remote station with some of the latency 
issues still be competitive, ie in it to win?

Feel free to add on other pertinent questions.

-- Mike W0MU W0MU-1 CC Cluster w0mu.net
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