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From: "Mike & Coreen Smith" <ve9aa@nbnet.nb.ca>
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Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2012 18:23:13 -0300
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de VE9AA

I am 48....been a ham since age 14.....I was telling my wife the other day:
" I can't wait to retire so I can enter every contest".

Her reply:

There will be nobody still left alive in 15-20 yrs to compete with.

People AGAINST remote operation only hasten that demise. (I hope my wife is 

I have nothing but respect for anyone with a valid opinion, Paul included.

My opinion is that he is wrong.  We should do everything  in our power to 
encourage every single person
to contest.  (tnx contest university)
At the moment, I am in a position to contest from home, but someday, should 
the good Lord let
me live to a ripe old age, or RFI/TVI affects me before that, I would love 
to have the option to contest from the nursing
home (or my home) and "stay in the game".

Remote operations are even more complex than being there, so I fully support 
anyone that's done their due diligence,
got licensed, got all the hardware in place, paying power bills at both 
ends, using the correct country prefix and
got on the air.

THANK YOU Finns in the Azores (and every other remote operator)


Mike VE9AA
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